Kids Probiotic Vanilla 60 Chewable Tablets Kyolic – 60 ct


Kyo-Dophilus® Probiotics for You™ Promotes Regularity and Immune Health DNA Sequencing Verified 1 Billion CFU.



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Kyo-Dophilus® Probiotics for You™ Promotes Regularity and Immune Health DNA Sequencing Verified 1 Billion CFU – Guaranteed Live at Expiry Non GMO Gluten Free Dairy Free 3 Strain – Probiotic Supplement With The Friendly Trio® Clinically Studied Strains GMP Certified A Probiotic You Can Count On Kyo-Dophilus® Probiotics are formulated to support healthy digestive and immune systems. Our probiotics deliver efficacy, quality and extended live cell viability without refrigeration. The Friendly Trio® is the core of our formulations. The Friendly Trio is a clinically studied proprietary blend of human strain Lactobacillus gasseri KS-13, Bifidobacterium bifidum G9-1, and Bifidobacterium longum MM-2. L.gasseri has been shown to support your body’s GI function and immune health. B.bifidum may regulate healthy gut flora and enhance immunity by reducing inflammation. B.longum is known to normalize bowel movements. Finding the right probiotic means considering more than CFU††† counts. Choose a probiotic with strains that are diverse, compatible and able to survive stomach acid, to encourage implantation and rapid replication in your gut. We offer a variety of formulas and potencies made with clinically proven strains to help meet your specific health needs. You can count on Kyo-Dophilus Probiotics. Your kid’s gut microbiome is unique Kyo-Dophilus® Kids Probiotic is safe, easy to take and great tasting. The three biocompatible human strains in Kids Probiotic, The Friendly Trio®, have been the subject of clinical studies that documented the efficacy of these strains to support healthy GI function. Taken daily, Kids Probiotics can help replenish the good bacteria in the microbiome to protect kids from the effects of harmful bacteria. A healthy digestive system can also provide a strong foundation for immune health. Keeping your kids healthy can help keep the whole family feeling good! The Kids Probiotic For Your Family To maintain good bowel regularity Relieve occasional digestive discomfort Promote healthy immune function †††Colony forming units

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